Teacher Spotlight: Joanna Bullock

This Teacher Spotlight goes to:
Joanna Bullock
7th & 8th grade, Oregon & Arizona

What is your favorite Inq-ITS Lab?

How do you use Inq-ITS?
I use Inq-ITS partially as a subject review and primarily as a way to track my students’ progress over time. The labs give me great data on how each of my students is performing in each step of the inquiry process. In the past, I’ve used InqITS data as part of my student growth goals.

Any good stories?
My students’ relationship with Rex cracks me up. Half of them wish they had him in their lab. The other half are furious when he doesn’t let them move forward with an erroneous hypothesis. Thank you, Rex, for taking this abuse and allowing me to be the helpful teacher who coaches students past you!

Anything else to add?
I appreciate the prompt support I get from Inq-ITS staff whenever I need to set up a new lab, new class, or adjust a lab to fit my lesson plan.

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